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Did you know that inversion therapy (yes, one actually inverts for therapeutic reasons!) is a concept known to the earliest civilizations? Astonishingly, not many are aware of its benefits or even of its existence. Our RickPac family recently got a Teeter Hang Ups inversion table after researching on the topic and various brands online.nversiontable model rickpac

Browsing through various inversion table reviews, it was eye-opening to learn how inversion therapy can be a boon in the workplace. In fact, it takes care of every possible ailment that affects people who sit for hours in their job. For starters, we learned that by inverting you free up the spine, reduce the chance of getting slip discs and back pain. Moreover, when you invert your legs, knees and every joint in the body extends so it does free up tension allowing for the body to relax.

After purchasing one of these inversion tables, mind you, they don’t come cheap either, we decided to just leave it in an area where everyone would notice it. Not sure of whether folks would actually use it, instead of informing anyone we thought it best to surprise people. Slowly but steadily, it gathered attention. The first courageous guys probably had a notion what this table like contraption was and so were more keen on trying it. As word spread, we were astonished to find a short queue had formed up just to take in ten minutes of inversion therapy. Now a week’s past and seems this is the best thing that could happen at the PickPac. In fact, it has become so popular we are afraid a single table will wear out rather quickly. We plan on investing into three more units but this time we want to try the Ironman Inversion tables as we heard they are sturdier and last longer.

There are plenty of benefits to using inversion tables. A simple search online will find a lot of reasons people around the world are using these tables. Have a look for yourself and be amazed!

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