Learn how to be a leader in 10 steps

There are plenty of books and short term courses inundated with information on how to become a leader. From Stephen Covey to the uprising gurus, everyone has a view on what constitutes bright and brilliant leaders. Scattered throughout such information arises one tiny article written way back in 2006 that sheds a realistic light on this topic. Astonishingly, this article does present a more recent idea about what leaders are required to do and how ten simple steps can groom one to become the best leader. Here is a small recap of what the USNews article says.

  • Have a Plan or Vision – No leader is ever complete without his own vision or plan. One plan for his own personal vendetta and another for the team he or she leads. The two should be congruent as far as possible and hold each member accountable and responsible to his or her own position.
  • Speak with Eloquence – Being charismatic in person is an excellent trait to possess but a leader often has to inspire a group. Being a charismatic and eloquent speaker therefore becomes a must. One can learn how to speak but charisma is a reflection of one’s inner self. Hence, work on incorporating principles and ideas that you want others to emulate.
  • Hire Clever – Instead of holding recruitment drives for your own team, ask those who you know for references and collect a large number of CVs. Then shortlist them and call them suddenly for an interview. Give them the least time to prepare, ask unexpected questions and request every interviewee for at least ten or more references. Call up their references for inquiry and those with the most replies back shall be well suited to your team. Always, have a team that you know everything about.
  • Fire fast – Leaders too make mistakes with employees. If you find people who do not fit into your vision then fire them fast. Do not waste time contemplating positions and what you can do with people. Your employees should know that your vision is supreme and those who adhere with it shall move up. Those who go against it shall get the door in their face.
  • Be Bold And Decisive But Promote Collective Ideas – Modern work culture requires leaders to cultivate group decisions. This is all good at small levels with less employees but when the numbers are large, getting consensus

The other five steps you need to adhere with are of lesser importance and are as follows:

  • Manage time to free up space for your personal life. Your private life too requires notice if your professional life is to stay in balance.
  • Be decisive rather than accommodating. Its okay to listen to others once in a while but when you have to, step on shoes.
    Be updated on the latest technology. It may seem as futile but this is the most frugal of steps needed to stay on top.
  • Presentation sells 50% of a product so you better groom yourself and present a good image.
  • Do not expect your employees and subordinates to work long hours if you do not. Personal image is an amazing team motivator.

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