Diane Saufs Woodworking Interview

We wanted to switch it up here at RickPack and give some interviews on some of today’s most powerful woman! In today’s interview we have Diane Saufs who is a professional woman woodworker. I was able to get a short interview out of her while on the phone. She only had about 3 minutes, but she said she would give us more time in a few weeks when her schedule opens up.

Diane runs a network of DIY websites that are focuses on mentoring the ever growing number of woman woodworkers. With her 15 years of experience building furniture with wood, she is seen as a major authority in the wood trade community. Her newest site offers planer reviews on one of her favorite tools, wood planers.

Diane is an extraordinary woman who is best known for her short-lived television show on the DIY network titled “Strong Wood, Stronger Woman”. We are grateful that she has taken some time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for our readers.

Q: Thank you for meeting with us today, Diane. The first question I have for you is: At what age did you start crafting furniture out of wood?

A: Thank you for having me. That’s a good question. As a girl growing up you wouldn’t think that her favorite hobby would be working with wood. I have my father to thank for all of my skills and knowledge. While my sisters were in the yard playing with dolls, I was in the shop with my father. I didn’t have any brothers; we were just a bunch of girls. My father realized my passion at a young age and was able to teach me a lot.

Q: Wow, that’s amazing! Is your father proud of what you’ve accomplished in the wood crafting community?

A: He couldn’t be happier for me. When I had my television show, I would invite him on the show with me and we would create something together in front of a live audience. Those were special moments for both of us. He is a talented guy and I am still learning new skills from him!

Q: You’ve mentioned before that the most useful tool in you shot is a wood planer. To help our readers understand, what does a wood planer do?

A: Yes, I love my Dewalt 735 planer! That planer and other wood planers are the perfect tools for smoothing out wood and giving it a super fine finish. There are many times when you need a piece of wood with a flat surface and they are the machine to use if you need to shave off some extra wood with extreme precision. They are large machines and not inexpensive, but if you making a dining table set that could sell for over $1000, its well worth the money. My father swore by his wood planer. He currently owns the best thickness planer and uses it daily.

Q: Thank for you time today. I know we didn’t get talk about much so we would love to have you on again in a few weeks. Would that be okay with you?

A: Yes, I’ll look forward to it! Thanks for having me.

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